Cyberdoc: This is the character's ability to perform surgery using the multitude of advanced medical technologies that now dominate the field. Cyberdocs are licensed by the the Cybernetic Science Corporation and receive specialized training in the implantation, removal and customization of legal cyberware. While most Cyberdocs are capable of implanting illegal wares, most are reluctant to do so given the stiff penalties.

The work of a cyberdoc is impeccable and all cyberdocs work for larger corporations that have support personnel and facilities to provide the best care to minimize rejection, cyberpsychosis and unwanted side-effects. Because of their access to quality healthcare, a Cyberdoc may roll his Cybermedicine rating at difficulty 8. Each success decreases the healing time by one health level.

O - CyberTech - You can repair simple cybertech.
OO - Nurse - You can repair simple and complex cybertech and perform simple procedures.
OOO - Doctor - You can repair any cybertech and perform complex procedures.
OOOO - Surgeon - You can perform dangerous procedures.
OOOOO - Genius - You are capable of inventing new and functional cybertechnology. You are secretly on the cutting edge of Ware.