Cyber Overview


ahh, progress.

This is the 21st century. Today's cyborg is stylish. His cybernetics are designed for a streamlined, highmover lifestyle. Whether equipped with implanted data chips in his nervous system to enhance his tennis game or bio-engineered miniweapons for his personal protection, the cyborg of the 21st century is the cutting edge of high tech living.

But he isn't necessarily a walking tank either. Cybertech can be smoother than that-less obvious. You have to integrate your newtech gadgets into a slick, seamless whole. You're either predator or prey and the faster you learn to blur the line between the two categories, the longer you'll survive.

And that's the point. Survival.

Cybernetics are mechanical, biological or neurological technology that is introduced to the body to improve it's functioning, sometimes to super human levels. For a the ever growing list see our Catalogue of Chrome:

  • Bioware - Organds, glands, brains and muscles. Frankenstein never looked to good!
  • Implants - Machine parts implanted directly into the meat. Get your Mr.Studd here!
  • Cyberweapons - Weapons and armor for the modern edgerunner.
  • Fashionwear - If you are going to die young, you might as well be fashionable doing it.

There's a downside to this part. What a bummer…cyberpsychosis.


  • Bioware and Cyberware. Is there a difference?
    • In name only. Previously there was a big difference made between the two. System-wise, they now function the same way. Bioware is merely a sub-set of Cyber that uses organic materials such as organs, glands or grafts, as opposed to mechanical parts, to accomplish its enhancements.
  • Q: If I have cybernetic strength enhancements, how do I reflect my physical size in my character's description?
    • A: When setting an @desc, you should describe your character as appearing to have your natural strength, _before_ the cyberstrength modifications.
  • Q: How much do I weigh with all this metal in my body!
    • A: Most cybernetic implants are chip based and do not weigh all that much. The only items with any real weight are the from the all-encompassing, and otherwise pure-mass cyber. This includes Bone-Lacing, dermal layering/plating, and other implants of that type. All in all, the difference in weight is rarely something to make note of, as it isn't that significant.
  • Q: Does the quality-grade of cybernetic implants actually have any direct effect with game mechanics?
    • A: Yes, In fact this is one of the most overlooked, and ignored aspects of properly playing a cybernetically enhanced human. Lower quality cyberware is much easier to affect adversely, whether it be through mundane actions or otherwise. In the future, we will implement code changes to reflect this. But for the time being, keep in mind to add or subtract in difficulty for rolls that directly attack pieces of cyberware and use the following chart as a guideline.
    • 2nd-Hand = -2 to difficulty to affect cyber
    • Street-grade = -1 to difficulty to affect cyber
    • Standard = No Change to difficulty to effect cyber
    • High-grade = +1 to difficulty to affect cyber
    • Mil-Spec = +2 to difficulty to affect cyber
  • Q: Is there any way for me to acquire new cyberware or upgrades from a PC Cyberdoc somewhere on the grid?
    • A: Yes there is, and we are also accepting applications for Cyber-Docs.
  • Q: Is there any cyberware that is considered Illegal in LATMA?
    • A: Yes there is. Rippers are considered a concealed weapon, and treated as such. Simply having rippers installed does not make you a lawbreaker. However, if you use them in an altercation in bright territories, you are breaking a law just as if you had pulled forth a broadsword.
  • Q: Speaking of rippers, can they be extended and then used for attack within the same round?
    • A: Yes, the action which snaps them out is instant and mechanical, not something that takes concentration or blood.
  • Q: Does bone_lacing at level 2 or higher affect rippers damage? Why not?
    • A: No, it doesn't. The basic reason is because bone_lacing 2-4 act as modifiers to your brawl and you use melee as a basis for rippers damage. While we do understand that there is a good argument for the close relatonship between the two types of cyber the simple fact of the matter is that the damage for rippers is based on your -skill at knife fighting- and not the tensile strength of the knives you are using. Bone_lacing is not potence, the reason it effects brawl is because the mass behind the hit itself is all or nothing when fist fighting. That is not the case when using blades.
  • Q: I have pain_editors, I am now an unstoppable force…right?
    • A: Pain_editors do not simply 'remove' all pain. They -do- allow you to shrug off your injuries for a time and continue to function(thus the reduced wound penalties). While you will not be as affected while the wounds are being inflicted, you will eventually need to shut the pain_editors off. At that point, you will suddenly be overcome with the full amount of pain projected from every wound you received during the period of time that the implant was activated.

Pain Editor: ON =Hey look! My hand was torn off! Cool!
Pain Editor: OFF=<look of extreme terror as you finally feel the pain> thump!


  • Q: Can vampires have cyber?
    • A: As a rule no, but there are some rare exceptions. See your sphere wizard for exceptions.
  • Q: I have cyber installed and my friend the vampire wants to blood bond me, can he do that?
    • A: Yes, it requires only a 'taste' of blood on three successive occasions to create a bond. A cyber can ingest small amounts of Vitae without suffering ill effects, it is only in larger amounts that this becomes a problem.
  • Q: Okay, so I can be blood bonded. What if they want to ghoul me now?
    • A: The physiological changes associated with becoming a ghoul will interfere with the normal functioning of any cyberware you have installed. Depending on the level of your cyber background stat, this can range from incapacitating to fatal.
  • Q: Okay…so I survived the attempt to ghoul me. What if they try to embrace me?
    • A: You will die, slowly and painfully.
  • Q: I have cybereyes, why can't I see vampires who use Obfuscate?
    • A: Obfuscate is a mental discipline, it functions against the mind, not the eyes. When the discipline is used, it forces individuals in the vicinity to simply not notice or believe the individual using the discipline is there. While cybereyes are mechanical in nature, they still send their impulses to the brain which then interprets those images and fails to see the obfuscated individual.
  • Q: If I can't use cybereyes, can I use Sonar or Radar to find the location of Obfuscated targets instead?
    • A: Again, that is not the case. Sonar and radar are still controlled by, and feeding information to, a human brain. Therefore you don't believe the target is there. Yes, it might register a ping but for some reason you don't notice it or you discount it as a false reading.
  • Q: What are cybereyes, sonar and radar good for then?
    • A: The benefit of these cyberware items comes when locating targets who are using mundane action to remain hidden, or when trying to find your way through any sort of darkness.


  • Q: Can werewolves have cyber?
    • A: As a rule no. See your sphere wizard or exceptions.


  • Q: Can mages have cyber?
    • Technically any mage can have cyber. Most Tradition mages do not. Technomancers are the obvious exception. Mage cyber is app only. See your sphere wizard for details.