Cryptepathy is the newest and most difficult to understand Aptitude. This particular set of gifts originally appeared in three other Aptitudes: Clairsentience, Telepathy, Vitakiniesis and Electrokinesis. The first to emerge was Ella Gray, who developed a strange relationship to the communication technology. Gray was able to use her Technokinetic gifts in a parabolic manner to tune into frequencies that other psions simply could not detect. Gray was able to pull a wealth of unknown information out of the static and hum of the solar system's electromagnetic spectrum. She claimed to hear whispers, voices, music and other strange communications coming from the void. She eventually learned to adapt her gift to make the communication two-way. It was eventually discovered that Ella was able to manipulate her own electromagnetic energy to allow her to communicate beyond the grave.

Concurrently, a clarisentient named Jose Ramon-Antonio discovered that meaning and knowledge had a noetic component while the Vitakinetic , a transpersonal psychologist, Minor Terrance, found a way to directly interface with dreams and the subconscious. The orders were at a loss as to what to make of the three psion's abilities. Believing them to be supernatural, they were transferred to Aeon Corp for further study where they met and resurrected an old Aeon front organization, Orpheus to study and develop their unique abilities. All three psions had strong Psi abilities but weak expressions in their primary Aptitudes. A second common factor was all of them had been triggered in the the secondary Aptitude, Clairsentience. It was discovered that these psions, somehow, were actually the foundation With the help of Aeon's noeticists, the three were able to develop a standard for their powers and create a Prometheus chamber trigger other psions with latent abilities.

Cryptaepathy refers to information gathered by the senses that enters conscious awareness by some other form. The waking awareness generates a narrative based on the sensory input it receives. Input deemed irrelevant is frequently ignored or stored for later within the mind. Sometimes, however, the mind recognizes the need for that information, typically for the survival of the individual. In order to bring that information to the forefront of consciousness, the mind will transmit that material through sensory hallucinations (e.g. tactile, visual, aural) in an attempt to redirect and refocus the efforts of the individual.

This unconscious use of sensory cues and ostensibly extraneous data has been the undoing of several parapsychological experiments, particularly those dealing with ESP. It has been argued that this perception and integration of physical cues outside of the boundaries of normal waking consciousness is, in fact, responsible for all claims of extra-sensory perception.

Crytpaepathy deals with alternative or "paranormal" noetic frequencies. It's a mix of Vitakinetics, Clairsentience, Telepathy and Electrokiniesis. What differentiates a Parabolists from other psions is their unique way of using the Atunement ability. Cryptaepathics perceive Psi "side-ways" and are able to perceive an extraordinary range of frequencies that other psions are entirely unable to access. Even the Clairsentients marvel at the cryptaesthesics extreme sensitivities. Unlike Clairsentience, which focuses on the sense of sight, Cryptepathy is sensate and intuitive in nature. Cryptaesthesics seem to "feel" their way through the universe and this sensitivity allows them to make uncanny leaps that others sometimes find difficult to follow.

Botching: A Cryptaesthesics sensitivities open the psions mind to aspects of the universe that most are blind to. The toll this has on the Parabolist is often a heavy one. Botching a Parabolic roll can often lead to phobia, psychosis or even derangement, as the psion tries to cope with knowledge that he cannot understand. Parabolists, more than any other Aptitude, end up in the Vitakinetic's office for care for mental trauma.

OOC Notes

Somnia deals covertly with the Dream Realm, Maya though humans are just beginning to delve into what monsters and spirits dwell within their sleeping minds. Psions generally regard the entities they encounter there as figments of the human consciousness unless they can prove them to be supernatural in origin (such as vampire dream magic or mage mind magic).

Archetypical Rapport deals covertly with the Astral Umbra though psions don't realize or call it that. Psions activating these powers are circumspectly communicating with realm of pure ideals and the abstract beings that dwell there. Until the fifth level, the mode appears for all intents and purposes to be a sharpened intuitive sense. Those who use Experiential Ideation have difficulty explaining to those who aren't Cryptaepaths what they have experienced there. Beliefs about the nature of the subconscious range from the coldly rational to the mythological to the religious.

Thantological Frequencies deals explicitly with the Shadowlands and ghosts. Psions are on the cutting edge of a new, and highly controversial cosmological research and not a whole lot is known about the Shadowlands. While Cryptaepaths are able to produce uncanny results, their work is still regarded by many with a skeptical eye.

Basic Technique: Quixotic Rhapsode

The basic technique is the foundation of the Cryptaepathic practice. Cryptaepaths are taught to tune out the material world and tune into the pulse of the universe. Cryptaepaths commonly use white machine noise such as static or fans but any sort of ambient sound can be used. The Cryptaepaths begins to hum in tune with the noise or quietly mumble rhythmic non-sense to enter a rhapsodic trance. When in this state, the Cryptaepath is oblivious to the outside world. He goes on an journey through his own inner world experiencing a serene state of idealism. When he emerges he is refreshed and feeling strong willed.


The psion rolls Psi. If successful the psion may use the successes to either replenish his Psi stores or his Willpower (not both). The Rhapsode can only be entered once per day. This is in addition to any other Psi regeneration rolls made.


This mode allows the psion to tap into the electromagnetic pulses produced by the brain during sleep and dreaming. It differs from Telepathy in that it offers more clues as to who the person dreams they are as opposed to who they really are.

O - Elan Vital
By tuning into the flow of the universe the psion can examine a subject's Psi flow in order to determine his or her general state of being. By tuning into these electromagnetic waves, the psion is able to get a feeling for who they are as a person, their general disposition and how their "subtle body" interacts with Psi. The psion doesn't actually see the subject's "aura" but is rather able to feel the electromagnetic flow, if it has blocks, if it is hyper or hypoactive, if there is no psi flow at all.

The psion must spend a point of Psi and concentrate on a target. He then rolls Psi. Successes indicate the amount and quality of information gained. One success will yield the subject's general mood. Three successes will reveal supernaturals, while five successes allows the psion to learn an uncanny amount of information about a person at first meeting them. The psion must be at a conversational distance from the subject in order to use this power.

OO - Circadian Economy
By manipulating his own "elan vital", the psion is able to control when and how much he sleep he needs, allowing him to induce sleep, wake up at a certain interval or induce sleep in himself.

The psion spends a point of Psi and rolls. The amount of successes indicates the degree with which he is able to manipulate his own sleep cycle. With one success he is able to immunize himself from jetlag, with three, at two he is able to wake at a moment's notice with out being groggy, at three he is able to go with out sleep for 24 hours without being fatigued, with 5 he is able to program his body to wake every 30 minutes for the next 8 hours.

At three, the psion can remain awake for 48 hours at a time. At 5 he may stay a wake for a week at at time and may manipulate other's sleep cycles as if they were his own.

OOO - Sense Memory
The psion can create minor hallucinations based upon a subject's sense memories. This has a variety of uses. It can be used to create minor hallucinations (like that of a phantom touch, or of falling) or it can be used to delve into past experiences in order to gain information about them.

The psion spends a Psi point and rolls Psi.
If he is using sense memory to create hallucinations, the difficulties for all actions are increased by one for every two successes.
If used to recall sensory details about an experience, the difficulty to do so is lowered by the number of successes rolled.

OOOO - R.E.M. Phase Cycling
This potent ability allows the psion to manipulate his own or an other's dreams. By manipulating the elan vital, the psion can alter the his own or an other's cycling of REM, allowing him to make subtle changes to the dreaming consciousness.

The psion spends 2 Psi and rolls Psi. The number of successes equals the degree of control granted. One success allows for only minor changes such as tone or setting, three allows for more drastic changes such as changing a dream of beautiful fields into a nightmare and five successes allows for complete control over a subject's dreams.

At five, the psion is able to enter the "universal unconscious" and affect other people at a distance, though the Psi requirements are double. He may pull other others into the dreams as well though most non-Telepaths and Crytaepths tend to be confused and useless.

OOOOO - Delirium - cause people to hallucinate
The psion's abilities are so strong that he may cause himself or a subject to hallucinate whatever he chooses, blurring the line between dreams and reality. This ability's uses as a a tool for deception or as a catalyst for madness is clear but it can also be used to shrug off pain, to cope with boredom on a long journey or to train for harsh or inhospitable environments.

The psion spends 3 Psi and rolls Psi. The psion spends 2 Psi and rolls Psi. The number of successes equals the degree of control granted. With one success the psion may be create subtle shifts such as whispering voices in the trees, the sensation of insects crawling on the skin or holographic lights in the distance. Three successes is usually enough to ignore wound penalties, suspend the perception of time or create complex hallucinations involving several senses. Five or mores successes allows the psion to plunge himself or others in a world of his own making. A living, endless nightmare, a blissful heaven or something just this side of reality. Powerful hallucinations and states of consciousness have a way of running away from the psion however. Psions expection autocracy over the a hallucination are often disappointed. The psion can create direct the hallucination but the victim, even if it's the psion himself, often tends to embellish it to make it more personal and more real.

The Psion may affect as many people as he has permanent Psi but for each additional person he must spend an other point of Psi. The more people are affected by Delerium the more the hallucination is diluted. The number of successes required to succeed is multiplied by the number of victims.

Noetic Modulation

This mode deals with the ebb and flow of Psi through the universe. Psions pracitcing this power are more deeply tuned into the noetic frequences and are able to manipulate them to their advantage. Psions with this Mode are invaluable to psionic security teams used to hunt supernaturals for uncanny ability to locate hidden or disguised 0-47s.

O - Psi Trance

The psion can sense the flow and amount of Psi in an individual or area. By tuning into the noetic frequences in the air or the noetic aura of a subject she can determine the amount of temporary Psi, permanent Psi rating, and with enough successes the Aptitudes and Modes practiced by the psion. This power also allows the Psion to determine the presence of Supernaturals by noting a distinct differenence in their noetic flows. The psion can also sense places of great noetic potential (Nodes or Caerns) their strength and the amoutn of Psi in the area.

The psion rolls Psi. Each success allows the psion to tune into a given area or subject. While doing so, the psion enters a brief, trance like state and can take no other actions. In her mind's eye she "sees" the relative power of the noetic flows around her. One succcess would indicate that there was a psion in the room, two would reveal the power of a node or caern, three would reveal a psion's aptitude or the presence of supernaturals, 4 or more successes would reveal the subject's aptitdue, mode ratings or the type of supernatural being that is near.

The range of this power is limited to a 10 foot radius at first but increases by 20 feet per rating in the aptitude.

**OO - **

OOO - Supress Noetic Presence
By modulating the psionic frequences around her, the psion can walk about unnoticed. The only limitation to the power is that he cannot vanish from view while being observed. THe psion emits a psionic frequency that urges people move unconsciously to avoid contact or move out of the psion's way. The psion remains ignored indefinitely unless someone deliberately seeks her out or he inadvertently reveals himself. Since the psion fully retains his physical substance, he must be careful to avoid contact with anything that may disclose his presence (knocking over a vase, bumping into someone). Even a whispered word or the scuffing of a shoe against the floor can be enough to disrupt the power.

Since this power affects the viewer's mind, psions cannot use this mode to cloak their presence from mechanical devices. Video recordings and photographs capture the psion's image faithfully. Even so, such is the psion's ability to bend the mind that someone using a recording device will not see the psion's image until she views the footage at a later date, if even then.

No roll is necessary to use this power unless the character speaks, attacks or otherwise draws attention to himself. The Storyteller should call for a Wits + Stealth roll under any circumstances that might cause the character to reveal himself. The difficulty of the roll depends on the situation; stepping on a squeaky floorboard might be a 5, while walking through a pool of water may require a 9. Other acts may require a certain number of successes; speaking quietly without giving away one's position, for instance, demands at least three successes. Some things are beyond the power of Unseen Presence to conceal. Although the character is cloaked from view while he smashes through a window, yells out or throws someone across the room, the vampire becomes visible to all in the aftermath. Bystanders snap out of the subtle fugue in which Obfuscate put them. Worse still, each viewer can make a Wits + Alertness roll (difficulty 7); if successful, the mental haze clears completely, so those individuals recall every move the character made up until then as if he were visible the entire time.

This power uses the Seeing the Unseen rules for Auspex with the Mode's rating as the delminting factor.

At 4 the psion enough control of his talent to allow select others to see him while invisible. The character is invisible as in the previous level of the power. However, if the player succeeds on a Psi roll, the psion can selectively allow one person per success rolled to perceive her while the rest of the world ignores his presence.

At 5 the psion is able to supress others presences as well. The psion must roll Psi. Each success equals the number of people that can be suppressed at any given time. A Psi point must also be spent

OOOO - Psi Manipulation - The psion can displace or alter the flow of Psi around an area either by blocking the flow or pushing it in a different direction. The psion can even cause Psi to become trapped in a simple object, though a given object can only hold a single point of Psi to be reterieved at a later time.

The psion rolls Psi. Each success allows her to drain, add or imbue the psi pool of herself or someone else. Psi stored in objects lasts 1 year per dot of psi. The number of objects that can be imbued is equal to the psions Psi rating.

OOOOO - Null Zone - The psion's very presence makes psionic and supernatural talents weaken or fail. The psion is able to tap into the flow of psionic frequencies to the point of making them difficult if not impossible to access.

The psion rolls Psi and spends 3 points of Psi. For each success, the difficulty to use supernatural or psionic powers is raised by one. If the psion rolls 5+ successes all psionic and supernatural powers are dampened for the duration of the power. Cybernetics are unaffected by this power. While this power is active the psion must concentrate on it and can take no other action. If she becomes unconscious the power ceases immediately.

This power lasts one round per Psi point the psion has, but the duration can be extended one round per 3 additional Psi points spent.

Thanatological Frequency

O - Disembodied Vibrations - sense presence of ghosts
OO - Haunted Transmissions - speak to ghosts through technology

OOO - Thantalogical Nets - summon ghosts

OOOO - Ectoplasmic Transfiguration - Among the more freakish psychic phenomena, Ectoplasm coalesces the stuff of spirits - plasm - into a tangible form. Through force of will and personality, the psion tugs on ghostly energies and makes them solid. Most often, this manifests as a gel, though skilled psychics can disperse it or concentrate it to make oddly glistening webs, sticky vapors and the like. Such creations are rather disturbing and correspond to no known physical chemistry; indeed, ectoplasm tends to "dissolve" into the nothingness of the Underworld after a short time and defies scientific analysis.

For wraiths, all ectoplasmic creations are solid. They cannot pass through ectoplasmic mists. Psychics who attack wraiths with ectoplasmic entities do full damage to the ghosts, although they would need some way of perceiving the dead in their "Shadowlands."

The psychic's greater control of her ectoplasm allows her to mold it into complex shapes. The ectoplasmic creation may look like anything the psychic wishes, though the ectoplasm remains a dull white color. The summoner creates the shape near her. Roll against difficulty 8. Once created, the shape moves at 10 yards per turn. During creation, the psychic gets one point for every success rolled to divide among the creation's physical characteristics. (Example: Matthew gets 4 successes to generate the ectoplasmic creature. He has four points to divide among the three physical characteristics. Because he wants the creation to pickup and carry his groceries, he gives it two points of Strength and two of Dexterity. It has a Stamina of zero, so any damage, even bashing damage, causes the creation to dissipate.) The dense ectoplasm takes bashing damage from bullets and cutting weapons and lethal damage from impacts and fire (or other environmental effects). Its bashing soak is determined by its Stamina, and it has no lethal soak. It has three bashing health levels. If the creation takes any lethal damage (including lethal damage from bashing overflow), it disappears. The creation is a puppet, controlled by the will of the psychic. It cannot travel outside of the psychic's perceptions or perceive anything the psychic does not perceive. If the psychic's concentration lapses, the creation vanishes in a puff of smoke.

At 5, the psion can make an ectoplasmic extension of his will that possesses rudimentary intelligence. The psion spends a point of Psi and rolls Psi. Every success generates 3 points to spend on the creation of the psionic form. The points can be spent as:

Physical Attribute: 2 point
Mental Attribute: 1 points (cannot exceed the creator's Mental Attributes)
Health level: 1 point
Size: Creations begin about the size of a house cat but can be grown a number of feet equal to the Psion's Psi rating.

OOOOO - Thantalogical Usory - Most psionic talents are tools. They can be used for the benefit of ohers or to harm, depending on the moral character of the psychic. Thantalogical Usory is the exception to the rule. In addition to the debilitating effects it has on the target, it produces a euphoria in the psychic, a mental rush that nothing else compares to. By harnessing the frequencies of the Underworld, the psion literally drains away emotions and living energies from her victim, converting them into energy for himself. The psion often becomes addicted to the sensation- feeling a rush from the draw and desiring the extra energy, vibrance, and emotion granted.

This dangerous talent allows the psion to leech away vital life energies from the target, healing any damage the psychic may have taken and giving an emotional high without compare. The psion spends a Psi and rolls Psi. The psychic must maintian physical contact with the target for one turn per damage level absorbed and then roll Psi. Each success does one level of damage to the subject. This will heal one level of normal damage or converts one level of aggravated damage into normal damage. If the character is fully healed when he leeches life energy, each damage level absorbed provides the character with 3 points of Psi or Willpower. The psion can to temporarily empower her Attributes at the following cost:

Physical Attribute: 2 health levels
Mental and Social Attributes: 1 points

The temporary increase lasts 1 round per point of permanent Psi. A point of Psi may be spent to increase the duration by one round.