The Consortium

The Corporations

The following is a list of some of the largest corporations on the planet.

World Super Powers


  • Arasaka - a huge Japanese zaibatsu, megalomaniacal CEO obsessed with making Japan into a superpower.
  • Kendachi - a Japanese armament company.
  • Mitsubishi-Sugo - a major transportation manufacturer.

Western Europe

  • Biotechnica - an Italian biotechnology, pharmacology, and cybernetics firm.
  • Euro Business Machines (EBM) - an information technology corporation.

Eastern Europe

  • SovOil - a neo-Soviet oil giant, controlling a vast percentage of the petrochemicals market.

North America - East-Coast

  • Militech - American arms and mercenary contractor.
  • Network News 54 - a North American sprawl broadcasting company.

North America - West Coast

  • Zetatech - A shadowy, computer, cyberdeck, robotics, and cybernetics manufacturing company based out of Vancouver B.C.

Local To LATMA

Halcyon - Lynwood based security and medical== corp providing relief to the war torn residents of Lynwood. Rumors abound about it's true motives and the cost of it's services.

  • Jupiter Enterprises - A security corporation known for it's philanthropic reputation.
  • LATMA Special Financial - A LATMA based public consortium that provides financial support for special or philanthropic projects.
  • Perez Enterprises - The private corporation owned by the corporate dynasty, the Perez family. They have their fingers in everything from art and fashion to technology and agriculture.
  • Realities Amalgamated - LATMA based technology and cybernetics development corporation. They retail via the shops in Millenium Plaza.


  • Metsec - LATMA's main security corproation and Consortium bull dog. They handle downtown, corpo center, Palos Verde, and Villa Park.
  • Mossad - Hollywood's semi-private security organization. They receive funding and support from Metsec and the Consortium.
  • Comsec - LATMA's Matrix security police.
  • Infonow - LATMA subsidary of World News Services.
  • Prometheus Medical Group - Genetics and Medtech services. They are owned by Biotechnica.
  • The Palos Verde Neighborhood Association (PNVA) - A small cooperative of the wealthy elite of Palos Verde who handle the infrastructure, public works and maintain the contracts with Metsec.
  • Cielago Holding Corporation - An exchange holding company operated by the Consortium. This company owns many of the public works and utilities in Downtown and Corporate Center.
  • Agameddon -
  • The LA Syndicate - A well-known front organization for organized crime's legal or semi-legal business dealings.


  • Orbital Air - an African corporation with a monopoly on space transportation.

Matrix Based

  • The Ameratsu Consortium -
  • Infocomp - a commercial think-tank and information repository.


  • World News Service - a worldwide news conglomerate, similar to the Associated Press.
  • WorldSat Communications Network - a satellite communications giant.
  • Merrow, Asukaga & Finch - World-wide financial analysts and speculators.
  • Microtech - A computer and electronics manufacturer.
  • Petrochem - An energy company.
  • Trauma Team International - A private medical firm also dealing in medical insurance, prepaid disaster relief, prepaid CSAR, etc.
  • Amaterasu Consortium - The global consortium used to administer the matrix.