In an era when the ailing Governments are little more than lumbering dinosaurs, the megalithic Corporations hold the reins of true power in the modern world. With fortress-like buildings and employees treated as citizens, the world-spanning MegaCorps are more powerful then some legitimate nations.

You are a corporate shark out for blood in the feudal waters of the system or a suit-and-tie upstart trying to change the way the company works from the inside. The Corpers fight their battles in the elite board rooms and over the conference tables around the world. Determined to make some good come out of all the suffering, many of them are lured into the Corporate fold by steady meals and a decadent lifestyle, but be warned, power corrupts…

Boardroom: Is the ability of the corporate character to requisition corporate resources for their own personal use. Be it anything from the corner office to hunter-killer solo teams, there is almost no limit to corporate power.The higher the skill, the more influence they have to get what forces they need. The Corper may add his Boardroom rating to any roll involving subterfuge, finance or bureaucracy.

Intern - O - You made it out of business school and now you wear a tie. Big deal.
Cog - OO - You work for someone who works for someone.'s something.
Manager - OOO - You know how to take a bribe and where to give one. The perks at this level are pretty good.
Vice - OOOO - You've clawed your way up the corporate ladder and the view from here is outstanding. You would not believe the benefits!
CEO - OOOOO - You run the world. Plain and simple.