With their cities full of criminals, woefully underfunded jails, skyrocketing crime, and mass-murders happening in increasing numbers, it's a wonder that the Cops survive at all. In the old days of the 20th, the Police would occasionally get shot at, but these days they're lucky if a slug is the only thing they take. Often the last line of defense between the roving supernaturals and the helpless population of the inner city, the Cops are the overworked and underpaid guardians of hope.

Nevertheless, many Cops have gone bad: taking bribes, running protection rackets, outright murder. The few that resist are often hated both within the walls of the Precinct as well as on the Street. Even so, the people know a good cop when they see one—thay take care of those that they feel they can trust. Often overlooked by the media and kicked by the local government, it takes a rare breed to wear the badge.

Authority: The ability to intimidate or control others based on the Cop's position as a person of the Law. The skill represents the character's ability to call upon the Police and Government for backup whenever the character feels the need to. The higher the skill, the more influence they have to get what forces they need. The Cop may add his Authority rating to any roll involving streetwise, law or intimidation. He may roll his Authority rating to requisition backup, weaponry or assert his influence over the sphere of law enforcement. Having a rating in Authority also allows a Cop to carry a weapon…legally.

Rookie - O - You made it out of Sec School and now you have a badge. Good for you.
Beat - OO - You've worked the streets for a few years and have made a few connections.
Dues Paid - OOO - You know who to bribe, who's ass to kiss and who's to kick.
Decorated - OOOO - You are a prized member of the force.
Old Timer - OOOOO - You've paid your dues and are ready to retire. Rookies come to you seeking advice all the time.