Comsec is perhaps the most shadowy of all the corporations in LATMA. Funded by the keepers of the Consortium and fed software and secret pass keys by the Amaterasu Consortium, Comsec is the digital answer to Metsec's flesh and metal war machine. Sure, on the outside Comsec is just your everyday corporation with payroll, accountants, HR and account managers, but once you get past the bureaucracy, a completely 21st century corporations emerges. For one thing, the real movers and shakers with in the corp are all entirely virtual. Comsec has very few public employees, in fact it only has what is absolutely required for it to function and much of what would be handled by payroll or accounting is either automated or entirely virtual in nature. There is a small crew of off-line public relations who handle whatever meatspace interactions are needed but other than that, Comsec and it's employees are behind a digital veil of secrecy that no hacker has managed to crack. Rumors abound about the CEO, Bunraku and his cabal of hackers, all who hide behind avatars sporting fierce masks out of Asian theater. So far not authenticated roster of Comsec employees has surface. Sometimes rumors of who might work for the corp appear, but they are either quickly discredited or the subject of the rumors is found dead before said rumors can be confirmed. Needless to say, Comsec takes its internal security seriously.

Other more disturbing rumors abound about Comsec. Some say that the meatspace employees are fitted with cyber that allows the real Comsec employees to control them during the work day. This allows Comsec to operate off line but retain a high degree of security. These rumors have never been confirmed and their off-line employees appear to be normal, if overly technologically savvy.

Comsec does have some reason for its intense security. Comsec, like it's counterparts elsewhere, is charged by the Amaterasu Consortium to maintain and protect one of the 72 OPpTI servers around the world. These servers are crucial for Brightnet functionality and loss of one could have catastrophic consequences given 21st century dependence on information technology.

Despite having seemingly common MO's, Comsec and Metsec have never gotten along very well. The CEO's of both companies frequently burn each other in the media over some mild slight or security detail. Comsec's general attitude is work as silently as possible, whereas Metsec has always gloried in its public demolitions. Despite the clashing, Metsec is dependent on the information Comsec provides as well as its maintenance of it's datafortress, while Comsec often contracts with Metsec to capture online law breakers in meatspace. It's a 'can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em either' kind of relationship.