Combat Engineer

Trained by some of the most elite military and corporate engineering corps in the world, Combat Engineers are trained in troop leading procedures, demolitions (conventional and expedient), urban combat operations, aerial operations, airborne operations, foreign weapons, land navigation, waterborne operations and contingency threat removal. Sometimes including the use of the battle drills and specialized engineer techniques designed to allow military units to build fortifications as well as destroy key elements of the enemies' physical infrastructure.

Rarely seen in the mean streets on the city unless assigned to an occupying force, Combat Engineers can be invaluable to a security team interested in hard core urban combat through the use of high explosives. Perfect for building infiltrations and shoring up your defenses against a supernatural attack, the Combat Engineers have been a vital part of military victories since the Greeks sacked Troy with a giant straw horse.

Strategic Tactics:
By rolling Intelligence + Strategic Tactics, the character may try to "outguess" the opposition. Successful rolls would allows the character hints as to what an enemy may be planning, ways out of situations, or tactical advice.

This skill also allows the creation, repair, and study of those large structures such as skyscrapers, subways or sewers. Combat engineers add their Stragegic Tactics rating to demolitions rolls and security rolls.

Novice - O - you can assist in repairs and planning.
Apprentice -OO - You can design your own system.
Journeyman - OOO - You can pick apart systems for weak spots, "Set that demolition charge riiiight here…"
Professional - OOOO - You can visualize structures based on their rubble and design entire city systems.
Master Engineer - OOOOO - Cities practically speak to you. There is very little you cannot create, improve or destroy in the urban environment.