The streets of LATMA are not a safe place, even in the brightest cities enemies conceal themselves in the shadows seeking blood.

It would be unusual to play in the World of Darkness without eventually encountering combat, and while characters may be adept fighters, the systems can be a bit daunting for players!

Outlined below are some of the combat rules:


These are important points for all aspects of WoD combat.


These are the various methods that physical combat takes place in the World of Darkness, Hand to hand, weapons and guns. It should be noted that the 'Homid' tag includes all human appearance supernaturals, vampires, mages and cybers+varients.




Garou Special Manuevers

The Garou have access to a few special combat moves that others do not - A garou should be able to perform one of these manuevers per point in brawl they possess.

Advanced Garou Combat skills: See Klaivaskar and Kailindo