The ability to extend the mind beyond the body to sense surroundings and disdtant places an their natures is the province of claircentients, typically members of IRSA. The order is founded on pseudoreligious principles, through more in structure and direction than in any advocated philosophy. However, raw Clairsentience is not based on any precepts. The psion with the power is capable of reading his surroundings, from locating objects to the recent actions of other beings in the area and even to limited ability to glimpse past and future.

The special awareness possessed by clarirsentients makes them ideal investigators and scouts. They are the driving force behind humanity's exploration of deep space. They are more than just planet scouters. Rare is the criminal, intruder, invader or spy who can evade a clairsentient and these psions make ideal intelligence agents as well.

Clairsentient powers are potent but often difficult to understand or interpret. the visions imparted by this Aptitude range from hazy to down right obscure. A successful Clairsentient effect reveals what psion seeks to sense if it can be detected at all. However, this insight does not always come with an interpretation guide.


The spatial and sensory relationship involved in clairsentience boggles the mind. Even when these powers are used effectively, the results can be unclear. Botching a clairsentient power can be as seeminly inconsequential as revealing erroneous information or it can be sanity-rending glimpse of things that defy the imagination.

Basic Technique: The Sight

A more refined manifestation of the basic Attunement that all psions possess, this technique enables the clairsentient to "see" the psi energy flowing through all things even more clearly. A psion can sense if an individual is a strong latent, gauge a fellow psion's strength, feel the magnitude of energy in an area or even detect an active power nearby.

This technique can also be used to perceive areas of strong supernatural taint. Noetic scientists believe that the taint's resonance somehow conflicts with psi, creating a "blind spot" in the subquantum energy flow. Even so, sensing this taint is difficult; detecting a half-dozen powerful supernaturals nearby may be relatively easy, but trying to sense an average-strength one at a distance can be quite challenging.

System: The psion's Attunement sensing range is increased by a number of dots equal to his highest-rated Mode. So if the psion has a 5 Psi and 4 Telesthesia; you add four dots in Telesthesia to his five dots in Psi to determine his full sensing range. Psions exceeding a 10 sensing range at one million kilometers for each point beyond 10.

These additional points apply only to determine an increased sensing rangel they do not reflect the psion's overall Attunement to psi energy nor the amount of blacklash he might take from psionic shock waves.

Using the Sight to sense supernaturals and their powers is no easy task. There is not hard an fast rule on detections. Distance, rating of power, the supernatural's skill at using the power the number of supernaturals in the area, the psions potency, Mode rating and abilities, should all be accounted for. The Sight could easily be abused so when using it please make story take top priority.

Clairsentiance and Obfuscation - It'll come up so, when in doubt the rule of thumb is to use the rules for Auspex sensing of Obfuscation.


Noetic theory states that all things interrelate on a fundamental energy level. Psychometry is the psionic ability to read these interconnections and glean information from them. These powers are invaluable to investigations and manhunts.

Psychometry provides the psion with insight into basic details (the conclusions he draws from the information are his own). Observation also focus on details that the psion looks for specifically a clairsentient who sense's a subject's recent activities knows that the person has been at home. The psion won't know how many trips the subject has made to the bathroom (unless those trips are somehow important to the psion or subject).

For each of the Psychometry powers described below, the psion may sense in the past up to a number of days equal to his Psi score.

**O - Psionic Echo **
The clairsentient can touch an object or person and sense who or what has come in contact with it in the recent past. An abandoned biogun might register that it handled by a missing psion. A murder subject might register that she was recently in contact with the murder victim.

System: Spend one Psi. Your character must have strong contact with the subject; brief touch or using the power a meter away from the subject imposes a +1 difficulty, increasing dramatically as the subject gets further away.

At low Psychometry levels, psions merely gets impression of strong basic contacts made by the subject. At three dots, he gets general sense of the person or it's physical condition at the time contact was made with the subject. Give dots, a person's mental condition at the tiem of contact with the subject can be sensed. Thus, an abandoned biogun might register that it was handled recently by a missing psion and that she was hurt badly (three) and unconscious (five).

OO - Insight
This power can be used to sense where an object or person has been; the psion gets a psionic impression of the places a subject has visited. These places have some significance to either the subject the psion, even if the subject was at the locales for a few minutes. The clairsentient might not be familiar with those areas detected, but still get a basic sense of them ("a large,dirty room," "A long bright corridor"). If he ever visits these places, the psion recognizes their atmospheres immediately.

System: Spend a point of Psi and roll Psi. Psion must touch the subject. While the Psi roll is necessary to sense the auras an object was exposed to, your character recognizes those auras immediately if he encounters them in person - or if he's already encountered them. A psion could know that a subject has been has been to the Moon or was in a specific building or perhaps even in a room within a building if that room has a distinct atmosphere.

A clairsentient with three dots in Psychometry knows specifically when the subject was in the locale. At five dots, he has a general sense of what was going on at the locale, which may suggest what the subject was doing at that place.

OOO - Static Memory
The Clairsentient can sense recent activity in a designated area. Details ar eno conveyed, but a general idea of activity is. For example, a psion might sense that a fight occurred in a room, but not who was involved or if anyone was hurt.

System: Spend one point and roll Psi. The number of successes rolled indicate the clarify of information gained, say from recognizing that some kind of scuffle occurred (one success) to recognizing that a murder was committed (three successes), and if there was supernatural involvement (four plus).

The number of dots in Psychometry determines the size of the area he can scan. Three dots indicate a room or small building, four a large ship, or small region (less than a kilometer in radius) and five a larger region of space, a few kilometers in area. No matter the size of the region scanned, the psion must be within it.
OOOO - Flashback
Objects or people can be used to actually see into the past. The psion witnesses past events, but only from the subject's perspective. Because this power conveys information exclusively from the subject's point of view, the psion cannot witness events that the subject was not exposed to. If the clairsentient touches a credit card, he might have a perspective of events around the card and whether it was used at any point. But if the card was dropped, it conveys information only from a position on the floor; events from such a perspective may be blurred or blocked entirely (conversations might be garbled or visuals distorted).

System: Spend 2 Psi points and roll Psi. Your character must touch the subject for Flashback to be effective. The number of successes on the roll indicates how many senses your character may use or the clarify of information conveyed. One success might allow access to a subject's "eyesight" while three successes might enable the clairsentient to use all senses to observe past events.

OOOOO - Envision
The clairsentient has a personal perspective on the past. By touching an individual or object or sensing in a location, the psion becomes a "noncorporeal" observer of events that occurred in or around the subject. Events unfold as if the clairsentient was there, regardless of what the subject experienced.

System: Spend three Psi points and roll Psi. The successes gained on the Psi roll indicate the clarity of visions. One success may mean scenes are distorted or jumpy, while several successes may mean events are repeated from moment to moment for the psion as they occurred originally.

Each success also indicates the area over which events can be witnessed; one indicates a large room, three, that of a large freighter and five a few kilometers-area region of space. Repeated attempts to see further back or to see more events are possible.


This mode explores the ways in which psi is used to perceive the relationship between clarisentient and a given object or destination. This Mode can be used to find something in the next room, the next ship or on an other planet. Beyond simply relating how far away something is, Psychonavigation powers enable a psion to track someone across a city or even plot a course through deep space.

O - Orientation
The psion can establish his location with this power Even if hopelessly lost in the Amazon, the psion can cast out his senses to perceive the nearest familiar landmark by which to navigate. While Orientation doesn't inform the psion that he's in the Mato Grosso, for example, it does relate that he's 500 km north-north west of Sao Paulo.

Clairsentient with basic skills in Psychonavigation can only "spot-check" his location, focusing each time to get an update. A psion with greater capability can maintain Orientation as he travels.

System: Spend one point and roll Psi. The effect centers on your character, covering a radius equal to 50 times her Psi score in kilometers (8 Psi covers a 400 km radius). The number of successes rolled indicates the scan's relative accuracy, from relating distance to the nearest known landmark with few successes indicating multiple known land marks as well as direction, distance, elevation and heading with several successes.

At Psychonavigation 3, the psion can sense a radius 100 times his Psi score in kilometers and can maintain Orientation for as long as he concentrates on sustaining it. All other actions are at a +1 difficulty during this time and a Willpower point may even be required to maintain the power under chaotic conditions. At 5, the psion the range increases to 250 times the his Psi score in radius.

OO - Dowsing
Since all things from human beings to inanimate objects resonate with psi energy to some degree, a clairsentient can use this power to try sensing the "signature" common to a specific kind of object or to a person. The psion can cast his senses in all directions in search of a particular kind of individual, other psions or ships bearing certain kinds of cargo. This psion must have encountered the specific type of subect for which he's sensing to use Dowsing effectively.

Spend one Psi point an make a roll. The power centers on your character, but covers an area equal to 50 times his Psi score in kilometers. The number of successes rolled determines the relayed information's accuracy, from "there are three psions to the east" (one) to "there are two electrokinetics and a psychokinetic, all located a different sites, but I know where" (five).

THe psion can maintain contact for the remainder of the scene. This requires no concentration on his part, but Awareness roll is required to sense if current subjects leave or new ones enter the scanned area.

At four dots in Psychonavigation, your character's sensing radius increases to 100 times his Psi score in kilometers. At give, the psion sensing range covers 300 times his Psi score in kilometers.

OOO - Psi Cloak
Much of a clairsentient's sensing prowess comes from tapping into the psi energy that flows through all things - and sensing the relationship of other beings and objects to the subquantum layer of reality. The psion can cloak his own presence into this "psionic stream" with this power. Psi Cloack does not render the user physically invisible; instead, it enables the clairsentient to shield himself from forms of psionic detection, including Attunement.

System: Spend one Psi point and roll. Each success on your Psi roll equals a difficulty applied to one trying to detect the character psionically (e.g. if 3 successes are rolled, anyone using Dowsing, Correspondence, Auspex or other powers trying to "find" the psion would be at a +3 difficulty).

The cloak at this level lasts a number of minutes equal to the psion's Psi score and requires no concentration. At 4 Psychonavigation, the power endures 10 times his Psi score in minutes. At 5, it lasts a number of hours equal to your Psi score.

Psi cloak works against any power that locates its target through means other than normal sensory perception. Other Clairsentients, Telepaths, vampires with Auspex, mage magic, or garou gifts are all affected by the cloak. Anyone who is physically in the same location (read: not using correspondence) should have more than enough sensory information beyond just accessing psi auras to lock onto the subject. Psi Cloak doesn't work against direct line of sight (this does not include video feeds, holoprojection and the like, though).

OOOO - Farsensing
The clairsentient with this power can extend his senses over vast distances, whether through the reaches of space or across the planet. This power is key to plotting courses and traveling through space with out the aid of charts or into space that simply hasn't been mapped. It's also used extensively to sense reliable routes of travel on a substellar scale (e.g. through orbital-station corridors or across mountain ranges.) The psion projects his senses in all directions to detect objects, bodies, barriers and other potential threats. The clair sentient can sense both the safest and most direct routes to a destination and decide which is best for his purposes before setting out.

System: Spend two Psi points and roll; if successful, sensing is automatic (your character need not concentrate). Far sensing lasts for a number of days equal to your Psi score, and the range of detection is about one AU (the distance from the Earth to the sun) for each permanent Psi your character has. Obviously, Farsensing is more than powerful enough to scan for travel routes on a planetary surface.

This power does not allow a detailed investigation. A standard success on Psi roll gives your character only a basic sense of the most obvious direction to take (not necessarily the fastest) and indicates major obstacles along the way. Each extra success provides a more refined course (effectively shortening travel time, but not always making the trip safer) and more detail about any significant factors along the route (clear information on size, distance and heading of celestial, for example), A detailed investigation of objects (such as for life signs, content, construction) beyond those factors already stated is not possible.

To sense any imminent encounters, spatial disturbances or nearby objects while Farsensing is active, you simply roll Awareness. This roll is made no matter what your character is involved in at the time (even if sleeping, he'll be startled awake by visions). As a general rule, intelligence, are detected on two extra successes. You may make an additional attempts if your charater wants better results).

OOOOO - Astrolocation
This power allows a clairsentient to locate planets an other large stellar objects. Astrolocation doesn't allow for detailed identification of these objects, merely their general location and distance from the psion. To sense the object's details, Psi Survey is typsically used. These two powers are often paired by explorers to first "cast out" into space for stellar body and then scan the object to confirm whether it's suitable for habitation, mining, research or the like.

System: Locating deep-space objects is extremely taking. You musst spend a minium of three Psi points for each search, which are not regained until after the scan ends. Your character can perform no other actions while scanning, aside from basic needs of sustenance. Sleep can be attempted, but is fitful at best and requires spending an additional PSi point for each hour of rest.

A Psi roll is required, with each extra success havling the total search duration. The scan's basic duration depends on the size of the subject sought, the density of the solar system it is in an any known information that could narrow down the area to be scanned. Scans generally take from a few days to a few weeks.

With out biotech enhancementt, Astrolocation can be used to detect planets, stars, large moons and other significant stellar bodies upt to a number of light-years away equal to the charater's Psi score. Small subjects like ships, moons, asteroids or space stations can be detected only if the psion has six or more dots to use Psychonavigation. Typically, biotech enchancers can artificially magnify your character's rating to increase the sensing distance and to enable him to detect small objects.


This mode allows the clairsentient to sense surrounding or distant people, objects and occurrences by extending his senses beyond the human norm. The psion can perceiv things on a level outside that of normal consciousness.
O - Sense Mastery
A clairsentient must be able to trust in all his senses or any one of them alone. this power allows the psion to move and maneuver with confidence when anyone else would be debilitated by blindness, deafness or loss of footing.

System: The ability is automatic upon attaining one dot of Telesthesia. No point expenditures or rolls are needed to activate the power; however, your charater's Attunement to his surroundings grows as his Telesthesi rating increaes. At one, all difficulties due to darkness, blinding light, deafning noise, utter silence, nonstandard gravity or slick surface are reduced. A three, all difficulties are reduced by half. At five dots, the charater suffers no difficulty modifiers from these conditions.
OO - Danger Sense
Clairsentients' spatial awareness makes them alert to imminent physical danger, such as ambushes or structurally unsound areas. These dangers must be physical (feeling subtle vibration of a weapon charging up, hearing the creak of weakened plasteel); psionic or supernatural attacks cannot be foreseen.

System: Spending one Psi point attunes the psion to his surroundings for the entire scene. During that time, a Psi roll may be made to sense any adverse situations. The number of successes rolled indicates the detail to which the danger is perceived and understood (standard success may only reveal some danger ahead, while with three your psion may sense four individuals with weapons ready waiting just around the bend). The psion can sense threats up to his Pis score in meters distant.

OOO - Sensory Projection
The clairsentient is able to extend his awareness beyond normal human limits so that he can sense things at extreme ranges. Thus he can taste, "touch" or smell anything, even "look" into any nook or cranny or hear a whisper with out physically investigating. Sensory Projection can also be used to come into "contact" with poisons or noxious gases with out suffering their effects. This power extends beyond physical barriers, such as walls and bulkheads.

System: Spend one Psi and roll Psi. Your character's senses penetrate anywhere up to 10 times his Psi score in meters away from his current location, plus 10 meters for each extra successes rolled over 80 meters). The effect persists for the remainder of the scene. This is not a full 260 sensing; the psion must focus on his senses in a particular direction

At four dots in Telesthesia, your character's sense range increases to 30 times his Psi score in meters; at five dots, it jumps to 100 times his Psi score in meters.
OOOO - Remote Sensing
This power is often misconstrued as being part of Psychometry Mode. Remote sensing doesn't tap into the psionic resonance of past events. Instead, this power uses a psi print to connect the clairsentient's senses to a desired target, viewing events from a remote distance as they happen.

System: Spend 2 Psi and make a Psi roll to connect to the subject. As long as your character has a psi print for the desired target, he may maintain the remote connection up to 100 times his Psi score in kilometers from the subject.

The psion can maintain only one sense group at any one time - his own or the projected one. He can, however, switch that focus at will while the power functions, viewing through Remote Sensing for a few minutes, returning his focus to herself for a moment, and then going back to the projected senses. This power lasts for the entire scene, unless something causes your character's attention to be distracted significantly or if other effects disrupt the connection.

Projected senses provide information from the subject's point of view; the psion sees whatever the subject is looking at and hears whatever she hears. However, the psion doesn't actually use the target's senses; he projects his own into the area.

Each additional dot in Telesthesia doubles the sensing range (so a charater with 6 Psi and 5 Telesthesia can link with a subject up to 1,200 kilometers away).
OOOOO - Psi Survey
A psion at this degree of power can study vast areas up to light-years away. Clairsentients often use this power in conjunction with Astrolocation to survey systems as a prelude to space travel (with biotech to assist with the sensing, of course).

After a subject has been located with an other power (often Farseeing or Astrolocation), Psi Survey can be used to study it in detail. The psion may sense for anything he desires, like a sun's speed of rotation, an asteroid's precious mineral content or even how much of a planet's surface is covered with plant life.

A high degree of detail isn't possible, such as determining the exact number of people on a continent or the specific percentage of nitrogent in an atmosphere. Nonetheless, the clairsentient can garner an incredible amount of raw data while still an immense distance from the target. Ultimately, though, if the psion doesn't have the background or knowledge to understand what he senses, the information gained means little to him.

System: The desired target must be located, usually with a Psychonavigation power (although visual contact is suitable as well- for the area in which the psion is standing). Once the region is spotted, spend three Psi and make a Psi roll.

The number of successes rolled determines the detail of information gained. One success indicates whether a region is hospitable, three the area's general conditions and give, reveal more precise information (like ocean temerature, mineral content, terrain type). Repeated attempts can be made to get more information.

Psi Survey may be attempted at a range of up to the psion's Psi score in light-years. The area scanned covers roughly 3,000 kilometers in radius at one time. This area of focus may be moved around, but requires a Psi roll for each new area sensed. The psion can maintain a scan for three hours for each point of permanent Psi, but he may perform no other actions while sensing (aside from essential physical needs).

This power can also be used to sense conditions of smaller subjects, like space stations or ships, but those subjects have to be located before they can be scanned.