Although the Fall destroyed the information databases of the previous century, information is still more powerful than armies. Cipher makes it hard to find information about your character in the vast realm of the matrix. Your character is a spook, a no-one, a ghost in the machine. The files on you were either never entered, deleted or are very hard to come by. This background may fluctuate if you don't maintain a certain degree of secrecy. Each dot in Cipher adds an additional level of difficulty to any electronic investigation into your character. Cipher usually requires maintenance with computer skills.

Cipher only works in regards to electronic information. Word of mouth is an other matter. It also has no bearing on the character's SSN status. Cipher is available to all PCs and does not stack with Arcane. Again, Cipher only works against mundane attempts to seek information about the PC via the Matrix and has no effect on mystical means.

O – A couple of secrets are well hidden.
OO – Your data trails are hard to follow.
OOO – Name, rank and SSN are all anyone can find.
OOOO – Even you have trouble remembering.
OOOOO – As far as the matrix is concerned you don't exist.