Character Transfer Policy

Dark Metal: Classic - 3030 - Character Transfer

DarkMetal Classic will be allowing you to transfer your PCs from Darkmetal2039 to our game.
We are not allowing transfers from any other game.
We are also not going to rebuild your long, lost, long dead PC.
Players need to have PCs that exist on our current DB or on request a transfer from DarkMetal 2039.

If you'd like to transfer please see the following guidelines for what and how to do this:

  • Anyone may apply for a transfer PC. Staff has the right to deny the transfer of any PC or stat for any reason. There is nothing that says you have to be approved. Coming here and making demands, making the transfer difficult for staff, etc could easily lead to you being asked to remake your PC in chargen. Our intention, however, is to allow as many transfers as possible.
  • Certain comments, items, stats, or possessions may not be allowed or could change between here and DM2039. This will be at the discretion of your Sphere Wizard.
  • You may move multiple PCs over to DM:C however during the initial surge you must choose a priority PC. This PC will be statted and put on the grid for you to play. The ALTs will have to wait until we have moved through the list of priority characters.
  • Remember that the length of time from when your PC is verified until the time you're are statted and ready to go could vary depending on the workload. Something will be worked out (likely an email) to notify you that your PC is ready.
  • The database is from 2007. If your PC already exists, log him or her in and +Request a transfer.
  • If your PC doesn't exist than you'll need to run chargen. We'll then update once you are done.

Staff Roster

  • Vampire/Mortal/Cyber - Phoenix
  • Mage - Enlil
  • Shifter - Ronin

How Will Unspent XP Be Handled?
We will transfer the XP that is on your current sheet from the DM2039 site to your sheet on DM:C.

Sphere specifics:
Mortal +

  • We are not accepting numina, linear magic or any other mortal+ power.
  • Mortal + PCs transferring as mortal will be stripped of their mortal+ powers and issued XP equal to the XP spent on numina or hedge magic. Note, Mortal + fresh from chargen do not receive XP for their Numina as it's free from chargen. We assume that Numina costs 7 times the rating.
  • Mortal + PCs transferring in as mages will be issued XP equal to the value of XP spent of their Numina or hedge magic to spend on spheres, arete and mage related backgrounds. Numina gained in chargen is considered to be covered by the spheres given to all starting mages.
  • Custom cyber or cyber not currently offered in chargen must be reviewed. If approved it will be made available to the rest of the playerbase.


No Talens will be transferred as they are easily recreated in character.
Most Fetish will be transferred without issue if they are +proved in the same fashion that a sheet is proved and mailed in. Custom fetish may be reviewed/edited if they are out of alignment.
Custom Talens and Gifts will be reviewed in the same manner.


Wonders (talismans, devices, charms etc.) and permanent effects are are must be reviewed before transfer.


Combo disciplines must be reviewed before transfer.

How To Transfer Your Character
0) If your PC does NOT exist on DMC go through chargen before doing anything else.
1) Log into DarkMetal: Classic and use +staff to find an available "On Duty" Staff Member. Send them a page and see if they are available to verify your PC on DM2035. If no staff member is available, put in a +request with the name of your PC on DM2035 and your normal play times.
2) A Staff member from our game will log into DM2035 and ask you to verify your sheet. This can be done by simply typing: "+prove/sheet all to *PlayerName"
3) Also prove any Equipment, Comments, or anything else that is crucial to the transfer of your player.
4) Be Patient. The staffer will compile what you have proven/shown to them and they will send it over where it will go through approval from your Sphere Wizard. Once approved it will be statted and you will be notified of the availability of your PC.

Note: We have the old DM character database. If your PC is newer than the DB date or for whatever reason not in it, you will be asked to create the PC at chargen level so we can further stat it from there. If your PC is on this DB and isn't on DM2035 then you are welcome to play him or her as is. You will receive no XP for this.

It should be noted that this policy is in it's infancy and could and is subject to change as needed.