Celestina Perez

Between my fire sighs and my burning eyes, My heart burns wildly in his eyes, I'm gonna shuffle his deck clean, I'm gonna shuffle his deck clean.

Celestina as painted by the 19th century French painter, Tanoux.
  • DOB: June 1 1700
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Nationality: Argentina/LATMA
  • Concept: The Queen of Diamonds

  • Sire: Azula
  • Clan: Ventrue
  • Sect: Camarilla
  • Status: Acknowledged

  • Notes:



Celestina was the daughter of the Viceroyalty of Argentina. She has lead a long and industrious unlife working as an adviser to the Primogens of the Camarilla and carefully cultivating her kine allies and herd.


  • The Sabbat: Sadistic monsters. You will know my wrath.
  • The Camarilla: It is my duty to restore the sect to it's former glory here in LATMA.
  • The Anarchs: They must be guided or they'll end up dupes to the Sabbat.
  • The Inconnu: A fairy-tale told by the Elders, but every tale has a kernel of truth.
  • The Independents: Ignore but if they stick their necks out, cut their heads off to remind them of their place.


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