Castigate is one of the thirteen primary Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Users of Castigate can manipulate and control a wraith’s Shadow.
Of all of the Arcanoi, Castigate is arguably the most welcomed in the Shadowlands. Pardoners have a rare gift: the abilities to soothe an otherwise unruly Shadow, to scare Spectres away, and to take on Oblivion in general. Pardoners can even communicate effectively and calm their own Shadows to a degree. It usually comes at a great cost to the user, however; Pardoners are particularly prone to gathering Angst from their constant contact with darkness. Those who use Castigate foolishly do not last long as a wraith.

The actual use of Castigate is highly personal to each Pardoner. Many favor a method called the Devil’s Dialectic, where a conversation of sorts is held with a Shadow, while using the target’s Nature to strengthen their resolve and lessen the Shadow’s effect. Others may use rituals such as meditation, purification, songs and chants, physical abuse, or other less orthodox methods to reach a Shadow and quiet its destructive cry.

Failed uses of Castigate are extremely hazardous to a Pardoner; it strengthens the resolve of their own Shadow, or perhaps the Shadow of those they are trying to help. In many of these cases, they must start their efforts over from scratch.

Basic Abilities

Bulwark - The wraith can briefly guard herself and her companions from a Maelstrom. Her Castigate acts as a shield wall, deflecting the Maelstrom's storm winds and protecting her from the attention of any passing Spectres.

System: Spend one Pathos/level of Maelstrom, roll Stamina+Castigate (diff Maelstrom's rating+3). Bulwark can be extended to anyone the wraith touches.

Soulsight - Those with Castigate can measure the power and proximity to the surface of another wraith's Shadow. He cannot see his own Shadow. This can also detect Spectres.

System: Perception+Castigate (diff 8). Number of successes determines how much insight the wraith gains.

O - Coax - A wraith using Coax may call on her Shadow's power with greatly lessened risk.

System: Gain 1 Angst. Roll Charisma+Castigate (diff 6). Every two successes allow the player to add or subtract one die from the offered Shadow Dice of the Shadowguide.

OO - Dark Secrets - This art allows the user to learn another wraith's dark secrets by studying her Shadow. Of course, the Shadow may lie, but the weaker the Shadow, the more honesty the Pardoner can force of manipulate out of it.

System: Spend one Pathos, gain one Angst. The wraith carefully examines the target's shadow and rolls Perception+Castigate (diff of target's Willpower). Each success allows the Castigating wraith to ask one question of the target's player. The target must answer fairly truthfully, but may indulge in half-truths. A target may let his shadow make an opposed Angst roll.

OOO - Purify - The wraith may directly attack the power of another wraith's Shadow, using various means — some entail sermons, song, esoteric chants, or even flaggelation.

System: roll Charisma+Castigate (diff of the target's permanent Angst). The subject may assist the roll by spending Willpower. Each success reduces the target's temporary Angst by one and causes a Corpus Level of damage. The Castigator receives a temporary Angst point for each 1 on the Purify roll.

OOOO - Housecleaning - The wraith may 'cloak himself in purity' and drive away Spectres and keep them from entering his immediate area. An entire building (within reason) can be protected this way. Peculiarly, this art cannot keep Dopplegangers at bay.

System: Roll Charisma+Castigate (diff 7). Each success will keep the ward for one turn. Any already present Spectres may resist by rolling their Angst and gaining more successes than the Pardoner had on her Housecleaning roll.

OOOOO - Defiance. Those skilled in Defiance can fight back when their Shadow attempts to bid for control, and can assist other wraiths in their struggles.

System: To resist his own Shadow, the Pardoner rolls Charisma+Courage (diff of current Angst). Each success reduces her Angst by 1. The Shadow cannot prevent this. To aid another wraith, the difficulty is their current Angst+3. This art costs one Pathos, plus another Pathos for every success. Failing this roll adds 1 point to temporary Angst, and a botch will add a permanent Angst.