Camarilla Domain

Feeding in Los Angeles

Marm and there by, the Camarilla, claims control of all the Bright Areas: Hollywood, Downtown, Corporate Center, Pasadena, Palos Vedre, Villa Park. Feeding rights with in the Camarilla Domain are traditionally divided up among the prestigious Kindred who manage these smaller Domains for the Prince, but we'll get to that in a second.

How It Works

The Camarilla isn't a Democracy. It's Feudalism. Status flows up in down through the strict strata of the great undead society and at the top or center of that hierarchy is the Prince. The Prince is the hub of all status exchanges. He decides who has what power and how much. So if that is the case then how does one more up (or down) the ranks? The closer one aligns to the Prince and/or the Camarilla's agenda the better off one is. The problem is, you can't do it on your own. Generally, younger Kindred align themselves with a powerful Elder and by offering them their support, in turn gain a degree of prestige. This isn't with out its dangers. By doing so you are pretty much agreeing to be that Elder's pawn, but hey, think of it as on the job training for when you become and Elder!

From a system stand point, favors (e.g. Havens, Herds etc.) a vampire wishing to feed or otherwise engage in sub rosa vampire dealings in LATMA pays a certain amount of status to the Domain holder, who in turn pays a certain amount of status to the Prince for having the Domain. How much is paid, whether it's monthly, weekly, per use or a one-time payment, varies. The point is that status is being paid up from the bottom up. It's like any other economy, you pay per service.

Rights of the Domain Holder

If the Prince grants you a Domain, which could be the size of a building to a city block to an entire city, you are the authority of that Domain. You are for all intents and purposes the Prince of that Domain. Only the Prince can overrule you there. How you choose to manage your Domain is up to you, but smart Domain holders find ways to manage their Domains in such a way that they give them as much status as possible. Those who control Domains usually demand a status tribute, boon or some other form of compensation in exchange for use of their Domain. What or how much they demand is handled on a case by case, vampire by vampire basis and is an important source of political power.

Hospitality & Havens

  • The Tradition of Hospitality - This is handled differently in every Domain. Traditionally, vampires who enter an other's Domain must introduce themselves to the holder of the Domain and ask their permission to enter the Domain. It is required that every vampire be acknowledged by the Prince upon entering a new city and be given permission to dwell or do business there. Similarly, vampires wishing to enter the area of a Domain holder must first get their permission to do so, though violating this technicality isn't dealt with as harshly if the vampire is discrete or is just passing through. If the vampire meddles in the Domain holders affairs, things can escalate quickly. This tradition only becomes important when the vampire wishes to Haven within the holder's Domain. At that point, the vampire must seek the Domain holder's permission. If given, the Domain holder may dictate what areas or properties vampires may haven in.

Kine Business

  • Vampires wishing to own businesses or exercise influence in kine affairs in a Domain must seek the holder's permission to do so. Not doing so will incur the Domain holder's wrath.

Feeding Grounds

  • Management - A Domain holder can restrict feeding as he pleases. He can say that only the slums and a small set of clubs are available for feeding or he can disallow feeding entirely. The Domain holder may also pick and choose who feeds where, thereby milking more status and favors by offering the choice feeding grounds to a select few Kindred. Those who wish to feed with in a vampire's Domain will have to tithe that vampire Status in order to feed safely.
  • Racks - The Domain holder (or Prince) may restrict the number of racks within his Domain. He may also "give" or allow a lesser status vampire run a rack. This could come in the form of a brothel, a blood bank, cults, a homeless shelter or any secure form really. Racks are places where blood can be procured with relative safety, both from a personal level and from a masq level. Running a Rack is a good way for new Kindred to gain a place within Camarilla society.
  • Herds - Many vampires cultivate Herds. The Domain holder can restrict Herd levels and classes of humans allowed to be in Herds. If one wants to cultivate a Herd in an other Vampire's Domain he must get the Domain Holder's permission to do so. The Domain holder may demand tribute in Status or access to all or part of the Herd himself.

Ghouls and Progeny

  • Ghouls are still the purview of the Prince. If you make or have a ghoul you need to get the Prince's permission to have it. If you've got one, your responsible for it. If it screws up not only do you loose your ghoul but you'll probably be severely punished and not allowed to have an other.
  • Childer and Broods are also still the purview of the Prince. Domain holders have very little say over whether or not a vampire is permissioned to make a childer or a ghoul, but they may choose to withdraw certain or all rights previously offered to that vampire or may choose to raise the cost of services within the Domain.

Crime and Punishment

So what happens if you decide to just feed with out permission? You may or may not be caught. If you are caught, you are usually brought before the Prince to answer for your crimes. Depending on the severity of the violation the punishments range from exile, disfigurements, torpor or even final death. Again, the kind of punishment used tends to be more political in nature than about law, but severity is taken into account.

Prince's enforce the right of Domain harshly because Domain holders support the Prince in exchange for the Prince supporting their claims for Domain. If the Prince is seen to be soft on slights to Domain holders it can weaken his position as Prince and he may find himself replaced.

The Dark

The dark areas of Anaheim, Tijuana, Lynwood and Forest Lawn are not considered part of Marm's Domain, therefore, you can feed there. Those feeding there do so at their own risk. It's risky to feed in the Dark areas because either the vampires who live there will come for their pound of flesh and if you happen to survive that, if you provoke conflict between the vampires there and the Camarilla you may also be held accountable for that. So, vampire beware.

Feeding Grounds

  • Area- Area controlled.
  • Holder - The vampire who's Domain is given control of the area.
  • Hunting Areas - Areas where it's legal to use +hunt.
  • Tithe - Cost for using +hunt in the area. If you hunt, the expectation is that you will praise the controller for allowing you to hunt in their Domain.
  • Restriction - Areas where no feeding is allowed.
  • Rack - An establishment where safe sources of blood can be purchased from the owner of the Rack.
  • Rack Cost - The amount of Status given to Rack owner in order to use the rack.
Area Holder
Hollywood Marm (Prince)- Tremere
Hollywood Hunting Areas Tithe Restriction Rack Rack Cost
Beverly & N Vermont Ave 3 Anywhere Else Canter's 1
Area Holder
Downtown Celestina (Primogen) - Ventrue
Downtown Hunting Areas Tithe Restriction Rack Rack Cost
Anywhere 2 First St. & Grand Ave. None None
Area Holder
Corp Center Open
Corp Center Hunting Areas Tithe Restriction Rack Rack Cost
- - - - -
Area Holder
Palos Vedre Open
Palos Vedre Hunting Areas Tithe Restriction Rack Rack Cost
- - - - -
Area Holder
Pasadena Open
Pasadena Hunting Areas Tithe Restriction Rack Rack Cost
- - - - -
Area Holder
Villa Park Open
Villa Park Hunting Areas Tithe Restriction Rack Rack Cost
None - All None -