Biokinesis also refered to as shifting or morphing concerns itself with the manipulations of the psions body and cellular structure. Unlike other psionic powers, Biokinesis can only be used on the self. Biokinesis converts Psi into mass and is therefor bound by the laws of thermodynamics. Its complicated but explainable means of transformation give the psions comfort that they are not, in fact, supernatural.


Botching can range from a mishapen limb, being frozen in an intermediary shape for several hours to hideous and painful disfigurements lasting days. The severity of the the effect should be equal to the severity of the botch.

Basic Technique


Biokinesis instills a keen sense of biological awareness. The psion instinctively perceives the presence of living beings from plants, to other humans or even bioware. Biosense functions like a 'living radar' and allows for the detection of living presences with in a few meters.

System: Rol Psi. Successes indicate that the psion can sense the presence (but not identity) of living presences with in a one meter radius per dot of Psi. Size increases or decreases the difficulty. Humans are a standard difficult, a house cat is +1 and a small house plant +3. Creatures larger than humans range from -1 to -3. A tiger would be -1 while a whale would be -3.


Adaptation is used to in preserving the Psions body against hostile environments. Adaptation's abilities are defined by the psion's surroundings, not his circumstances, meaning, it's great if you crash on a planet with out oxygen but almost useless in a bar fight. Adaptation's powers require no concentration and are activated on instinct; the psions body adjusts automatically to his surroundings.

O - Metabolic Efficiency
Poison and toxin neutralization. This power allows the psion to ignore the effects of poisons and toxins by automatically removing them from the body with an astounding efficiency.
System: No roll is required; the psion is immune to drugs and toxins equal to his Adaptation rating. Any drugs or poisons that exceed the psion's Adaptation rating are soaked with his Adaptation rating. This power can be dampened for one hour per Psi point spent.

OO - Oxygen Absorption
The psion's body adjusts itself to make use of any amount of oxygen available. At this level, the psion can breathe underwater, on hostile worlds, with a plastic bag over his head, - anywhere, so long as the body can absorb trace amounts of oxygen.
System: For one hour per Psi spent the psion may breathe normally provided there is even a trace of oxygen present. This power also allows the psion to add his or her Adaptation level to any endurance tests that rely primarily on oxygen or muscle fatigue.

OOO - Heightened Reflexes
The psions reactions are lighting-quick. To on-lookers the psion seems to know what is happening just before it happens.
System: Two options here:
When timing actions are measured in turns or rounds the psion may automatically go first OR may take an extra action that turn with out splitting dice pool. If the extra action is taken then the action happens at half the psions initiative. A psi point must be spent for each turn this power is active. When the fifth level of Adaptation is reached the psion may go first AND get an extra action.

OOOO - Biosynch
Short for "biosphere synchronization" this power enables the psion to modify to exist comfortably in different environments. The psion can survive extreme pressures, gravity, and temperatures and can even breathe toxic atmosphere for short periods of time.
System: Spend 2 points of Psi and roll Psi. The psion's body's biology changes reflexively to allow for survival in any environment for 1 hour per Adaptation rating plus 1 additional hour for each success rolled. Once the duration expires an other point of Psi needs to be spent and a roll needs to be made.

OOOOO - Automatic Shunt
The psion's control over his body is so complete that he is nearly indestructible. After suffering extensive damage, the psion's body merely "shuts down", functioning only at the most basic level. Severe injuries can be survived but they may or may not leave the psion functional. Lost limbs will not grow back and head injuries may leave the psion braindead. Decapitation is always fatal.
System: The psion has 2 additional bruised health levels. If he suffers enough damage to kill him Automatic Shunt puts his body in hibernation. The psion's body remains intact until it suffers and additional 15 health levels. Each of these 15 health levels must be healed as if it were an incapacitated wound level. The psion remains comatose until he is healed to wounded. When he awakes he must spend nothing but replenishing vital fluids and fat after being in hibernation.


Psychomorphing explores the inner functions and modifications of a biokinetic's body. The psion can shift and adjust his physical body in ways that are invisible to the naked eye.

O - Sense Biokinesis
The psion can determine whether or not a subject has ever been or is now augmented with Biokinesis.
System: Roll Psi; each success yields knowledge of one biokinetic augmentation (current or past) if any and it's nature. For each additional level of Psychomorphing the psion can "scan" additional subjects in one action.

OO - Bioshift
The psion can adjust his physical frame and muscle tone. He can add or subtract muscle, make himself more limber or make his bones more or less dense. The augments shift the psion's biomass as desired by the psion but are usually invisible to the naked eye.
Spend 1 point and roll Psi; you may shift temporarily any number of dots in any of your psion's physical attributes up to the successes rolled. The adjustment lasts 10 minutes per dot in her Psi score. At level 3, the duration is extended to for each point of permanent Psi the psion has. At 4, it's measured in hours. At 5 the duration is 3 hours per Psi dot.

Once shifted, the dots remain as they are until the duration is up. The augmentation may raise an Attribute above 5.

Example: If you get 3 successes on your Psi roll, you could move one dot from Dexterity and two dots from Stamina to raise your character's
Strength by 3 dots.

OOO - Assimilation
The psion may safely introduce augments into directly into his own body. Bioware no longer requires an external power source; it draws from the shifter's body. The equipment literally becomes part of the psion's body, the flesh and bone shifting to integrate the ware seamlessly.
Spend 1 Psi point to introduce the ware into your character's body. You mus roll Psi and get a number of successes equal to the bioapp's rating to assimilate the device completely. If fewer successes are rolled, the device sticks out in an unsightly way. Unless one success more is rolled, there is at least some evidence of the integration of the device. Subsequent Psi expenditures and rolls can further integrate the device.

Die rolls involving the device use Psi + Ability (e.g. Psi + Firearms). Assimilation also helps with Tolerance. The Tolerance rating is introduced by 1 for assimilated devices.

OOOO - Redundancy
The psion can stimulate his body to grow additional internal organs so each individual organ is less important to the body as a whole. This means that the shifter can function normally even if maimed severely. He's not more difficult to kill but he is still able to operate when suffering wounds.

System: Spend 2 points of Psi and make a Psi roll. The initial process takes 5 hours but the time may be reduced by 1 hour per additional success on the Psi roll (no lower than 1 hour). When the psion take damage, spend 1 point of Psi for each health level he suffers. He isn't affected by any wound penalties till the end of the scene. Damage doesn't affect the psion in anyway - though he probably leaves a messy trail of gore if he is Crippled. Upon reaching Incapacitated, he collapses like anyone else. At that point he may take a number of additional points of damage equal to his Stamina before he dies. Upon healing from this "extra" damage the psion must use Redundancy again to restore his modified physiology.

OOOOO - Catabolysis
The psion's biological mastery is so great that he may break the very bonds that connect a target's component molecules. Catabolysis may be used on any organic thing (including vampires), from animals, to bioware, to people. All that remains of the target after the use of this power is a puddle of gray sludge. This is universally devastating to to all who suffer it's vile effects.

System: Spend 3 points of Psi and a Willpower point, then roll Psi at a +1 difficulty. Each success equals 1 health level of Aggravated damage inflicted on the target. The psion must touch the target's skin for this power to take effect. Hardtech armor offers not protection from this power unless the skin is entirely covered. Biotech armor may soak this power but is destroyed in the process. Armor formed via psionic powers cannot soak.


This mode involves manipulating cell structures for the purpose of altering the psion's cosmetic appearance.

O - Gross Manipulation
This power allows the psion to make subtle, temporary adjustments to his physical form. Fingers can become knives, or skin turned into armor, but the psion can also modify his facial features or build. Imitations of other people isn't possible but the disguise of one's own features is. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with Biokiniesis can detect the use of this power. At level 2, the damage is aggravated if an additional Psi point spent.
System: Spend 1 point and roll Psi. The effect last for 1 turn equal to the Psi score plus one for each success rolled. Damange for offensive weaponry is Strength plus 1 for every two successes rolled on the Psi roll. When used defensively, a point of armor is gained for every two successes on the Psi roll (rounded up). At level two, the armor can soak aggravated damage if an additional psi point is spent.

When this power is used to alter appearance, anyone attempting to correctly identify the psion suffers a +1 difficulty for every two successes on the Psi roll. If the psion gets 4 successes or more on the Psi roll the difficulty is +2 per 2 successes.

OO - Molding
The psion can stretch and shape his body to extend his reach or fit through narrow openings.

System: Spend 1 Psi point and roll Psi. Each success equals a meter beyond normal length that the psion can stretch arms, legs, neck or torso. Strength and Dexterity aren't affected by this ability but extensive molding may raise the difficulty of these rolls. Molding takes one turn to complete and lasts for a number of equal to the psion's Psi score. The psion may revert to his normal shape at will.

At 3, the psion may stretch multiple limbs at once and the Molding lasts 10 minutes for each dot of permanent Psi. At 4, the Molding lasts for as long as the psion desires upon a successful Psi roll.

OOO - Transformation
This power allows the psion to change his biological appearance in some significant, cosmetic way. Minor adjustments such as hair and eye color or even the voice. Changes can be used to disguise the psion or to impersonate someone else. Changes are limited to the human paradigm. Radical changes to the psion's "physiological template" are not possible at this level.

System: Spend 1 Psi and roll Psi. The difficulty may be modified by the complexity of the change (e.g. change in eye color would be a standard diff while changing the psion's racial template would be +3). If this power is used to impersonate someone, the psion must also make a Style or Disguise roll to determine how well he is able to impersonate the target's appearance. The duration is indefinite but the transformation takes one turn per success needed.

OOOO - Body Sculpt
More radical and fantastic changes can be made to the psion's body at this level. Significant cosmetic change may be made by molding the skin in whatever fashion the psion desires. Additional organs and limbs may be formed, functional wings may be created, shell-like armor may be grown or prehensile tail added. Nearly any modification can be performed at this level.

System: Spend 2 Psi and roll Psi. Difficulty may be modified depending on the degree of the change. If successful and complete, the changes last indefinitely. Each alteration must be performed separately. The psion may make a number of changes equal to his permanent Psi. Changes made are more than cosmetic they are functional (e.g. cats eyes allow for night vision, wings allow for flight etc.)

OOOOO - Homunculus
Psions advanced to this level may create miniature similacrums of themselves from their own flesh. Each homunculus is distinct from the psion. The psion knows the general state of the homunculi but cannot issue thought commands. The bond between the created creature and the psion is very strong and the homonculi tend to be very loyal to their creators. If the homunculus is killed the psion often exhibits this with a missing foot or hand.

System: Spend 3 Psi and one Willpower, then roll Psi at a +1 difficulty. One health level's worth of flesh is sacrificed to create the homunculus. The psion must determine what part of the body (hand, food, back) is used to created the creature and the health level remains lost until the homunculus is returned to the psion. The psion may use Body Sculpt to replace the lost limb. If the homunculus is destroyed the the health level is healed as an aggravated wound but the limb is permanently lost. When the homunculus returns, the psion absorbs the homunculus' knowledge and experience.

Each homunculus is half a meter tall and weighs roughly 10 kg and is a perfectly proportioned replica of the psion.

Physical Attributes: all at 1
Social, Mental Attributes and Mode Ratings: one less than the psions (minimum of 0).
Abilities: equal to its creators.
Psi: 3 less than its creators (minimum of 1).
Health Levels: Hurt (-1), Maimed (-2), Incapacitated (unconscious).