Assamite Sorcery

The Hunter's Wind

Viziers can gift Assamites. The subject holds the activation of the power in abeyance until he needs to trigger it; at any time he can maintain a number of dormant effects equal to his current Willpower. The recipient won't know if the magic is effective until he uses it.
This Path requires the expenditure of 1 bloodpoint just as with all Thaumaturgical Paths.

1 • Scent of Deception
When this power is employed the recipient can mask or completely alter her scent. Failure means nothing happens, botch the scent becomes noticeably offensive.

2 • Chameleon's Skin
The subject can change the color of his skin and texture of it as well. If resting against a tree, skin and clothing will take on appearance of the bark of the tree. Slight movements are possible but sudden movement will be perceived. While the skin changes, it is still just skin.

3 • Unassuming Pose
The subject uses this power to blend into any crowd, no matter what the size. If successful, people simply do not notice the Assamite, no matter how hard they may be looking. Observers using technological means of surveillance such as video cameras will still see him. Last for one scene.

4 • Whiff of Kalif
The Assamite distorts the perceptions of those around him, so they experience a distractingly powerful feeling of hallucination, or they may just stand there blissing out, not caring what the Assamite is up to. Any character looking directly at the Assamite as the effect is activated. Any obvious threat will snap the subject out of the kalif dream. Otherwise, once activate it lasts for one hour per success.

5 • Ghost Body
The Assamite triggering this power can move through solid objects, without being seen or heard. For all intents and purposes, the Assamite becomes intangible. The side effect is the Assamite can affect anything material around her anymore than it can affect her. This requires 3 bloodpoints instead of the usual one. NO other disciplines may be used when this is activated. Nor does it allow interaction with the ghosts from the underworld. Most Assamites are cautious about attaining the Ghost Body. Once the character decides to affect the physical world again, she is once again visible and solid

Whispers of the Heavens

1 - Map the Skies
2 - Read Heaven's Plans
3 - Call Down the Hunter's Moon
4 - Trace the Soul's Favor
5 - Ripples on the Sea of Stars