Argos is one of the thirteen primary Arcanoi from Wraith: The Oblivion. Users of Argos can manipulate, navigate, and travel through the Tempest.

Users of Argos are one of the more welcome groups in the Shadowlands. The Tempest is a hazardous and tricky place to journey through, and those with the ability to travel through it relatively unscathed are able to sell their services easily. It is much easier to find a wraith with Argos than a Ferryman, though a Ferryman’s services are almost guaranteed, where with a Harbinger, there is always a small chance of danger.

Harbingers can carry as many "passengers" as they desire, but at the risk of raising the difficulty of their actions. All of them must be in bodily contact and willing to travel; those who resist can make any actions using Argos extremely difficult and dangerous for everyone involved.

When Argos doesn’t work properly, it frequently spits the user out in Tempest in an unknown location. It takes some time for the Harbinger to find their location, during which they are subjected to any number of dangers: Spectres, enemy wraiths, or Maelstroms are some of the more common.

Basic Abilities

Orienteering - This Art allows the wraith to determine his location in the Tempest and find the route to his location. Those with Orienteering can travel to their destinations via the quickest and easiest path (usually a Byway) dodging most obstacles along the way.

System: Perception+Argos (diff 8) indicates length of travel time to destination (1-3 Succ's normal, 4 succ 1/2 normal, 5 Successes, 1/4 normal.)

Tempestpeek - This art allows a wraith to look into the Tempest, observing any beings or things drifting nearby. He can be seen by any beings in the near Tempest, and can even communicate with them if need be.

System: Perception+Argos (diff 6). The number of successes determines the clarity of sight.

Tempest Threshold - With Tempest Threshold, a wraith can open a small, personal entry into the Tempest, freeing her from the necessity of a nihil. <system: Opening a Threshold requires a Strength+Argos (diff 7) roll.

O - Enshroud. This art allows the wraith to pull shadows around himself, making himself unseen in both Tempest and Shadowlands. When first activated, Enshroud causes the wraith to suddenly vanish. He is thereafter cloaked in shadows.

System: Spend one Pathos; roll Dexterity+Argos (diff 7). Each success allows the wraith to remain Enshrouded for a Turn. Enshrouded wraiths can act on others, even violently, without being revealed.

OO - Phantom Wings - A wraith using this art my fly in both the Tempest and the Shadowlands. Wraiths may hover using this art, but may never accelerate to more than jogging speed.

System: Stamina+Argos (diff 6). Each success allows one turn of flight. A character must be Incorporeal to fly in the Shadowlands.

OOO - Flicker - A character with Flicker can make mini-jumps of intantaneous travel through the Tempest's distortions, generally line-of-sight.

System: Spend Pathos and roll Dexterity+Argos (diff 6). Each success reduces travel time by one turn. If the destination is out of sight, but still within a city block, Flicker is still possible, but the difficulty is 8, and even a straight failure can maroon a character in the Tempest.

OOOO - Jump - The wraith with this art may rapidly travel to any of of his Fetters, riding secret pathways to the familiar destination.

System: Spend 3 Pathos and roll Stamina+Argos (diff 8). Each level of the destination Fetter reduces the difficulty of the roll by 1. Successes determine the speed of travel, five successes granting almost instantaneous movement.

OOOOO - Oubliette - This art allows a wraith, by focusing her will, to either hurl another wraith into the Tempest, or (once there) to hold them in place.

System: Spend 3 Pathos, gain 1 Angst, roll Strength+Argos (diff of target's Willpower). The target may make an opposed Willpower roll. The target, if banished, loses one level of Corpus. If the target is being held in place, he cannot move for one turn per success. The imprisoning wraith must maintain some minimal concentration to keep his victim in place.