Akashic Brotherhood

Overview and Paradigm

Their focus is Mind. Akashic Brothers (and Sisters) believe in, and strive to attain, the perfect harmony of one's individual mind with the One Mind. While this is quite Buddhist concept, this tradition doesn't limit itself to Buddhism, although it is intended to reflect an eastern way of mystical thinking. It includes elements of Vedanta Hinduism, Taoism, Zen Buddhism and variations thereof.

Mystics of the Brotherhood share belief common to most mystic traditions of the world: that internal microcosm of mind is interconnected with macrocosm of nature. However, a difference between European "As above so below" and eastern conceptions of Akashics lies in assumption that all the universe is ultimately an illusion similar to Maya and the reality is rather Akasha or emptiness (named Sunyata in Buddhism, Brahman in Hinduism and Tao in Taoism).

As previously said, the aim of Akashic Brothers is to attain oneness with both internal and external universe, the peaceful transcendence in creative emptiness of One Mind. They accomplish this with variety of eastern practices, most notably: various martial arts both internal and external contemplations and meditations. Notice however that some martial arts (like Tai Chi) are meditation exercises and some kinds of meditation just foster focus on the here-and-now in mundane life.

The Fall and Reconciliation

Christianity, the Union and Western Capitalism began eroding the moral fabric of Asia during the 20th century. The Brotherhood have always paid a high price for their tranquility. Pacts had been made, conditions had to be met, altars had to be tended to, sacrifices had to be made and wards kept strong. In previous centuries, the rituals and traditions that held the Yama Kings in check had been been known and revered by all. During the 20th century the barriers were eroded and when the Fall came knocking all hell broke loose in the Middle Kingdom:literally. The Brotherhood had their work cut out for them. The battles in the West were nothing compared to the attrocities that were seen in Asia.

If Asia were the altar, the Brotherhood were the sacrifical lambs. More Brothers died or were corrupted at the hands of the Yama Kings than any other Tradition. The Brotherhood waged a loosing war with very little assistance from their fellow Council members, who were too busy battling each other and the other factions to notice that Asia was over run with demon hordes. It seemed nothing would stop the onslaught.

Near the end of the Reconciliation, Kazuma Yoshikuni rumored to be the reincarnation of the legendary Akashic hero Minamoto Yoriyoshi, rose up to stem the tied. He took with him seven brave and pure hearted Brothers and went into the heart of of the Yama King Court. As the story goes, the battled unspeakable horrors and were tested to the brink of death. When they reached the center of the Hell City a secret deal was struck between Yoshikuni and the Yama Kings. Yoshikuni returned one month later, seemingly purified but with out his seven pure hearted Brothers.

While the hordes of demonic monsters had been quelled, the price that Yoshikuni paid is something that Yoshikuni refuses to talk about.

Current Status

The Fall forced the peaceful and seculded Brotherhood back into the world where their cool heads are sorely needed. Avid Nephandi hunters, healers of both mind and soul and all around do gooders, no other Tradition except possibly the Celestial Chorus, strives to help and guide the Sleepers as the Brotherhood. Despite their good intentions, Yoshikuni's sacrifice and the sheer numbers of corrupted Brothers remain a black mark on the Traditions reputation. The Brotherhood is distrusted and tensions between the Brotherhood and the Euthantoi remain tense, as the Euthantoi have grown a little too curious as to the state of the 7's souls.

Still the Brotherhood open their Dojos and temples to those seeking personal refinement and offer their hand with out question to any in need.

Foci and Style

Meditation, chanting, sashes, headbands, robes, Do, purification rites and weapons all make up the traditional styles of Brotherhood. More recently some members of the Brotherhood living in urban centers have begun to incorporate technology into their style.


  • Celestial Chorus - Perhaps now, they have learned to value the soloist as much as the choir.
  • Cult of Ecstasy - Dishonorable gaijin! While we toiled in hell, they escaped to heaven.
  • Dreamspeakers - Do what you can to heal their pain and ease their burdens but beware. Still waters run deep.
  • Euthanatos - Only they could be pleased with the current state of things.
  • Order of Hermes - They have finally shown their true colors as the Artificers that they are.
  • Son of Ether - They will require our foresight if they are to beat the Union at their own game.
  • Verbena - Our sacrifice is second only to theirs.
  • Virtual Adepts - Just because many believe in your illusions doesn't make it truly real. Have they learned nothing from their former alliances?
  • Hollow Ones - What sense of self they had was taken from them in the Fall. They are truly the Lost Generation. We should guide them.